Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I tried to stop pirating, but Netflix sucks

2:55 PM Posted by xa1
When I was a teenager, I helped a friend create a MP3 search engine, we were teens, I was obsessed with hacking and pirating, not anymore. I used to download entire discographies from torrent sites, nowadays I used Youtube or Spotify. But when it come to movies, and TV series, it's a different story.

I live in Lebanon, not a "mainstream country". I can't go to the cinema often, for reasons outside the scope of this post, and TV channels are bad, they don't air the TV series I'm eager to watch, or perhaps they air an old season and keep repeating it.

Most of the series can't be found on DVDs, and if you do find them, then it's most likely that the store owner had pirated them and he's selling them, and he pirates them on demand, you ask for the big bang theory, he says come back in two days and get it, two days is enough to torrent it and burn it on DVDs and sell it, movies are pirated and sold too. Why buying a pirated DVD when you can download the torrent yourself and then delete the episode?

But I wanted to try something different, I wanted to try not to pirate, so when I knew that Netflix is now available in my country, I immediately signed up for the premium plan, ulta hd, 4 screens! free trial! Let me test it, I don't want to be a pirate no more!

 - Dilbert by Scott Adams

source Dilbert.com

Hulu and other on demand streaming services aren't available in my country, I was so excited to see what on demand streaming service looks like, was so excited to try Netflix!

I started searching!

  • Mokingjay part 2 not available, the entire hunger games series is not available
  • Star wars, not available, not even 1 episode 
  • Even The last witch hunter is not available
  • Etc. no good movie is available, the likes Forrest Gump and the Shawshank redemption are available but I already watched those. 
In short, movies that are available are either too old, chances are you watched them, or too bad. Now lets search for series

  • No hot new TV series is available, not even the big bang theory
  • The blacklist, only season 1 is available
  • Mythbusters, first 3 seasons only!
I Googled and concluded that Netflix stream different content depending on the country you live in, for instance, the big bang theory is available on Netflix France and very few other countries. And that's the big problem with legal streaming services frankly.

A new component of the Creative Content UK initiative is set to discourage Internet piracy via the classroom. Encouraging students to think about who will pay for Vin Diesel's socks if everyone pirates movies, charity Into Film in partnership with The Industry Trust, The IPO and FACT have a lesson plan up their collective sleeves.
source Torrent Freak

But they ignore the fact that content creators expect to get paid different fees in different countries and if the fees aren't paid by the streaming service then the users won't have other options but to use torrents.

Torrents hurt content creators? Maybe or it might help spread their work, the last witch hunter was downloaded many times on torrent websites, but it was a box office failure. Paulo Coelho pirates his own books to promotes them.

But if we take for granted that torrenting is a bad habit, then Hollywood is stupid, they should care less about the money they expect to make, and stream all the movies to all the countries as soon and they become available on DVD and they should stream all TV episodes to all the countries the very next day after they get aired on TV. And the pricing should be cheap and should vary from country to country, for example average poor countries can't afford 11$ per month just to watch movies! If you refuse to lower the price to 3$ you gain nothing from them, they are not going to subscribe, but if you do lower the price you get many subscriptions!