About Me

I like to learn different programming languages all the time. My current operating system is Manjaro, I've used Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, Fedora, Linux Mint and others throughout the years. On my VPS's I almost always use Centos.

I've used Windows and I considered myself a superuser before switching to Linux.

I know PHP, C++, Python, Java. Played a bit with Common Lisp, Perl (hopefully I can add Haskel soon), Nodejs, Ruby, R and others.. Again I don't consider myself an expert in any programming language. And I do web & Mobile development (not IOS) either using Android Studio or some Cordova based framework.

The databases I've used are Mysql , PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB and MS access. My favorite is MongoDB.
  • I do data recovery mostly for Serhal's hospital, and got a ocertificate, for what it is worth.
  • I do freelancing, mostly for Sync.com.lb
My hobbies are programming, playing harmonica and few others. I enjoy playing with Raspberry Pi and Arduino.